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As easy as riding a bike?

Andy S
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05 Sep 2014

Only days to go till the bikeathon, and I've not been training for it...

It's only a couple of days to go till the 20th Southend Bikeathon, so how prepared am I for it?  Well, since last year's event I've occassionally cycled to or from school or cubs with Peter, and I accompanied him round the 9 miles he did in the Junior event in May.  But nothing that would make me any fitter than before.  And yet, I'm not sure how, I've rather foolishly accepted a challenge to do the 2-lap course (27-28 miles) this time.  Perhaps it was the fact that each of the last couple of years I've been managing to improve my time for the 14 mile course, perhaps it was just the confidence that comes from filling in the application form after a couple of drinks while relaxing on holiday.  Still, too late to back down now...

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You may not be fitter than last year, but I am confident that you are fitter enough. All the very best. Go Andy Go...

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