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Lauren Syms
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Lauren Syms
04 Nov 2015

The story of Emmy - an inspirational young girl who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) at the age of 4 in 2013 and who has used her experiences to write and record a song titled 'Naughty Blood' in support of Bloodwise.

I wanted to share with you the inspirational story of Emmy who, at the age of 4, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). Emmy's story has been written by Emmy's mum Julie.

In 2013 my daughter Emmy who was 4 years old was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

This devastated the whole family, it is not the kind of news you expect to hear at all. It took several trips to the doctors and hospital before they knew what was wrong with Emmy after diagnosing her first with a sickness bug and then constipation. It’s true the saying parents do better research than the F.B.I. if it wasn't for me as a parent knowing something wasn't right with Emmy and taking her back to the hospital then Emmy would have had a late diagnosis which would have come with consequences.

We were transferred to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital where we stayed for nearly one month on the Oncology/Haematology ward (ward 84) and Emmy started immediate chemotherapy. The doctors and nurses were fantastic and supported us all the way. 

A few months into treatment Emmy adapted her life to living with cancer. We had our ups and downs and we all remained positive for Emmy. After Emmy’s hair fell out it was very upsetting for her as she had lovely long hair. This is when I decided to make Emmy her very own personalized Bandanas. I had never sewn before but I bought myself a sewing machine and made Emmy princess Bandanas, hair Bandanas and themed ones too. We now donate them to all the children on ward 84.

Emmy is a very caring little girl and always thinks of others and having spent over two years attending the hospital we have met some lovely families and their little hero's fighting this horrible illness cancer. We have also lost some of our brave angels along the way.

We wanted to help show awareness of childhood cancer and after talking to lots of parents having their child mis-diagnosed resulting in delays for treatment. This is not good enough, ten children a week will be told they have cancer in the UK, you do not think you will be one of those ten but Emmy was!  We need to share this and be one step ahead so early diagnosis is made.

As Emmy is a keen singer she wanted to do a song about her Leukaemia and help show awareness to others and how important it is to know that childhood cancer does exists and to help others be aware of the symptoms and to share with others her song to let the world know we will beat this, we will fight this and support the families and the children who are the true warriors in this battle.

Please support the charity Bloodwise by buying Emmy’s song  "Naughty Blood" today and with your support lots of children like my daughter Emmy will once and for all kick cancers butt and send it on its way!! 

You can download Emmy's song from various sites including Itunes ( and
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