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Emotional wellbeing

Moss J
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10 Jun 2015

Breaks at home!

Well, into the magical 3 weeks post FLAG IDA and still no counts but today my consultants have said I can start having a few 'emotional wellbeing' breaks at home. The idea is I don't get discharged but 1-2 days (maybe the odd night) I can spend at home with the family. Best news after nearly 9 weeks! Will have to monitors my own temp pm and call if unwell at all but it's made me feel great today. 



This is brilliant news Josie. I was allowed out for a day, too, when I underwent my transplant and it made a huge difference for me. When are they planning on letting you out?


Hi andy, I went home today for a few hours then a seeng consultant tomorrow to arrange some days maybe starting Saturday depending on when the finish my IV antibiotics 


Just go with the little steps. You may need the rest that you will only get in hospital (Little people can forget that mummy needs some quiet time). Those breaks will become longer and before you know it you will be home more than you are in hospital. Your consultants seem to know how important being with your family is. Take care


Well well, Monday was the day, neutrophils and white blood cells decided to appear! Steadily rising daily so less infections risk when going home. Big transplant meeting at the QE tomorrow so a big week all round really. 



This is absolutely fantastic news, congratulations! I hope the cells continue to rise! How did the transplant meeting go? 


It wasn't quite what i expected to be honest andy, we have another one in 2 weeks. Didn't find out anything we don't already know. Hoping for more news on donors matching by the next one, just getting nervous now about getting this match  


Hi again Josephine

That is brilliant news about your neutraphils and white cells. I'm sorry that your meeting about donor transplant was not more positive. They could not find a match for me....even 6 siblings did not match, but I had my own stem cells harvested and transplanted, and here I am 6 years later! I don't know whether that may be an option in your case.

I was also treated in the Midlands, and I know that there is a lot of co-operation between the haematologists in the various hospitals, and they meet to discuss different cases. It surprised me how much consultants knew about my case when I went to a hospital for the first time to discuss my options for transplant.

Make the most of the days with family. Take care of yourself


My daughter was diagnosed March 6, 2015 with Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia. She has been very sick and in and of the hospital.
She will have a Stem Cell Transplant August 15. We are really scared. Would appreciate prayers.


Thinking of you Laura, 

stay strong and positive, you're little girl will be fit and well at home before you know it I'm sure xx