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Sarah I
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23 Jun 2015

True to form, due to a few ridiculous injuries (not cycling related I assure you, even though the tremendous falls I have had bruised mainly my dignity) and a bout of dinusitis, my training has been pretty non-existent - no matter how much I planned!

There have been a few note worthy rides here and there, one to Watford with rather more hills than expected and a pretty confused garmin, as well as a trip out to Ruislip on shiny new tyres.

Such shiny new tyres, so shiny and new. Even Charlie had to sprint after me bombing up a hill. Yes, up. And yes, that is sadly one of my proudest moments and I will put it here. I can already hear him laughing at me.

Needless to say, I am loving my new tyres and I will give in to Charlie's know-it-all face and let him have this one oh mighty knowledgable one.  But they have given me the boost I needed in confidence.

So, I decided to give myself the kick up the (definitely secured and covered up) bum that I needed. Core exercises have commenced as well as a few nice short rides to get me out there and get used to my pretty little bike, and gain a bit more confidence on the road.

So I did what anyone would do and set up a Strava account. Let's attack some Q(K)OMs! Of course, any kind of competition is good to get those little legs peddling, probably better than having "ALLEZ" shouted at you when you're not even on the bike. Plus, I can review my progress within the safety of my own phone, no one will know who I am with my pathetic attempts... Well it's certainly disheartening when you look up who is ahead of you, owning such titles. Top of the league, semi pros and triathletes. Great. Not much chance in a noob getting up passed them. But hey, at least I'm only 10 seconds behind on a hill segment. I'm coming for you Headstone Lane... all in the name of charity. 

So how about I *attempt* to destroy a few QOMs (no matter how much I collapse at the end) to show you how great this cause is - I will upload embarrassing photos I assure you. 

Please keep donating :)

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