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An epic llr week

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04 Jun 2015

Bell ringing, bubbly sipping, sausage roll scoffing and an AML working group meeting with docs n profs

Well, this week has been a epic week so far in my involvement with this wonderful charity.

On Tuesday, I was given the honour of ringing the bell to signify the last lap at the Croydon leg of the Pearl Izumi tour thanks to Matt and Stephanie the sausage roll queen lol. Seriously, those sausage rolls and bubbly we had in the Pearl Izumi hospitality tent alongside the ice cream were the mutts nutts.

Yesterday, I was at llr towers attending my first meeting of the AML clinical trials working party. The room was full of haemotologists, a couple of professors (Dave Grimwade and Paresh Patel) a couple of patients (myself and Helen) and other interested parties. We discussed current aml clinical trials (17, 18 and 19) and the use of arsenic trioxide in the treatment of APML ( the one I've had twice) and the good progress it's making in the treatment of APML.

Although I didnt contribute much (it was really a sit back and learn as it was my first meeting-the next in sept) I learnt an awful lot from just listening. I thanked all those that were there for allowing both myself and Helen to be a part of this vital working group.

I wish to thank Stephanie Cade, Matt, Andy Jackson and John Reeve from llr Towers for giving me the opportunity to do the things I've done for llr on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, even though it means that I've probably put on a pound in weight due to delicious sausage rolls, ice cream, and wine & bubbly. Is it any wonder I woke up feeling so guilty this morning that I went out and smashed the 50+ mile mark on an epic training ride today on the beautiful sun kissed roads of south west London whilst taking in some awesome river views!!  

I love this charity with all my heart (and those who work for it) and the changes for the better it's research is making for blood cancer patients;giving them better treatment outcomes and a hope of a better quality of life, cancer free.

Here's to June 14th when I'll be riding in the Wales Velathon for this amazing charity of which I'm so proud and privileged to be a part of.

Together we will beat blood cancer.




It's really us that should be thanking you Rich. You live and breathe the charity and represent everything good about what we do. Keep up the good work mate and see you soon.