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Essential marathon kitlist

Alexandra Bach
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12 Dec 2019

Ben from Full Potential talks us through the essentials you need for your marathon journey.

The new year is the perfect opportunity to get all the kit you’ll need for training over these next few months. Having the right running shoes is essential. You’re about to spend a lot of time on your feet so it’s worth investing some time and money into your shoes. Running shoes also have a lifespan, you should get at least 500 miles of running in a pair, but this can be shorter or longer depending on a number of factors.

What we can’t have is you running in new shoes on race day! If you are in any doubt that your current shoes aren’t going to last, or you’d like some new ones, now is the time to make that happen. The most important aspect of a new pair of running shoes is that they are comfortable. Running shoes should be the most comfortable pair of shoes you own. Fit wise, you want them to be snug around your heel, so that they don’t slip. The middle of your foot should be held nicely in place, but not be too tight. You’ll also want about a thumbs width between the end of your biggest toe and the end of the shoe. The reason we want this larger size is because your foot will expand when you’re running, and we don't want your toes bashing against the end of your shoes, resulting in you getting black and bruised toenails.

The best way to find the right shoe for you is to go to a running retail specialist and try on a few different brands and models to find a shoe that fits. Reading and hearing other people's reports and reviews on shoes is great, however you need to remember that what works for them might not work for you. You will have a different foot shape to them, different arch height and different heel size, some brands might be terrible for you, whereas others may fit like a glove. Therefore, we don’t make a particular recommendation about brands.

With the unpredictability of the British winter upon us, the saying “there’s no bad weather, just bad kit” certainly rings true.

A good quality running jacket will make a huge difference to your running experience. It really is an area we suggest spending a little bit of money on, as they do last a very long time. Having long tights to run in too can help keep those legs warm. You’ll need to have something to carry your gels in for those long runs. You might have shorts which have a built-in pocket, you might be able to stuff them into your waistband. We recommend a product called Y-Fumble, it is a neoprene sleeve you wear on your arm, and in it you can not only put your gels, but keys, phone or even a little bit of money. You might find investing in a hydration backpack is the way to go for you. This way you have water for your long runs, but also have space to store those essentials.

Other bits that are often overlooked but essential:

  • A few good pairs of socks to wear
  • Gloves and hat to keep the extremities warm
  • A head-torch to allow you to run at night or early morning

Good luck with your training - and keep warm! 

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