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The Eve of A Grand Adventure...

Phil Grundon
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01 May 2016

Post 1 for Phil's Cycling Challenge. Getting to Land's End and preparing for the start of Land's End to John O'Groats Challenge.

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So it has come around faster than I would have liked but tomorrow is the start of my epic cycling challenges. Land's End to John O'Groats. I'm sat on my bed with chargers charging lights, phones, cameras and laptops at the stunning Land's End Hotel perched on the cliff edge at the end of Britain looking out across the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean to the desolate lighthouse stood on it's rocky outcrop in the middle of the cove, famous from the BBC One Helipad interludes.


Land's End is an amazing place, it even has a Shaun the Sheep experience and yes I must admit I have purchased some tourist tat, a spectacular piece of craftmanship a Land's End Snow Globe! In all seriousness, the geographical remoteness mixed with this slight commercialism is what makes this place!


Earlier, I was sat with my brother watching Le Tour de Yorkshire go along parts of my training route in Scarborough and thinking wow tomorrow I'll be starting Land's End to John O'Groats. This is just so surreal added to this that Leicester City are on the verge of winning the Premier League and truly I believe I've woken up in a parallel universe!


The last week has been absolutely crazy preparing everything, as well as having some amazing support from The Yorkshire Times, The Scarborough Review, Scarborough News, Radio Scarborough and hopefully some more in the coming days. Another lovely surprise was the kindest shown by JCT600 Volkswagen Van Centre in York who have kindly donated the van for the whole trip in return for my brother and I donating the money we would have paid to our chosen charities, which is great news for Bloodwise and helping to beat blood cancers.


So after finishing some last minute amends to some restaurant legal notices at work, I rushed home to clean my bike and head off to my Auntie's in Leicester. I really don't envy the guys at Team Sky who have to pack all the gear into the vans! What I thought would take an hour took until 9.30pm, but all was good when we finally arrived at my Auntie's at 12.30am to be met by a lovely homemade potato and meat pie!


4.48am on Saturday, lying in bed in my Auntie's conservatory, the sound of the dawn chorus perfectly matched by the gloriously crisp morning sunlight really stirred the sense of an adventure brewing, surrounded by Grandad's painting and old carriage clock fond memories came flooding back of times at my Grandad's house and the reason for taking on these challenges.


Travelling across the country to Okehampton really highlighted the beauty of England's diverse scenery. The rolling hills and flat levels looked stunning from the van, but only further enhanced the enormity of the challenge that lies ahead.


One thing I have realised about this challenge is that whenever you mention it to people they seem to give you a worrying look and then say are you mad?! I don't think it helps when you are at Sainsbury's buying 24 packs of dried fruit, 60 Nutri-Grain Bars, a whole box of Rocky Roads and 5 x 12 packs of Lucozade Sport turn up on your doorstep! However, in most other circumstances I would probably agree that this is mad, but for to support the amazing work of Bloodwise and cycle in memory of my treasured Grandad I would not change it for the world!


Anyway, it is time for me to get some much needed rest for tomorrow's stage Land's End to Fowey (Trehaida Farm B&B).


Good night,




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