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Everyone falls off!

Trevor J
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03 Mar 2013

I feel I need to explain the choice of photo that goes with my blog this week, you see the picture shows the great Sir Chris Hoy laying down on the track, not in a voluntary state of comfort but having fallen from an upright position. Thus showing even the best cyclists can fall over and that I can say that I now belong with a very long and illustrious group of people who can say, "I fell off".

It was not spectacular and I can honestly say it didn't even hurt, well not my body anyway, can't really talk for my pride though. It does not even go down as a crash, I know because I have already ticked crashing off the list last year, no this was the kind of fall you see from a new born calf with wobbly legs.

Going back to January when I bought all my new gear and started using SPD peddles and proper bike shoes I was confidently told, by friends I may add, "Oh you will fall off, everyone falls off". For two months I have dumbfounded and disappointed these friends, especially Nick, that I had not fallen, well Nick you were right and yes I am now not so cocky and will be forever humble in your presence.

You see I have now joined the club that can say "Yes I have fallen over when I stopped because I couldn't get my shoes out of the clips". This was not graceful and done with spectacular timing with the most people possible to witness my misfortune. I had found the back end of a queue of traffic in roadworks up Crown hill, coasting to the back of the queue I unclipped my left foot but at the same time my weight had transferred to the right, putting the bike and me into an irreversible motion driven by gravity that would ultimately end in me laying flat on the ground still attached. I made a point of not looking back at the car behind me as I picked myself up, but even now I can see the laughter on their faces.

So a week of new experiences and another forty miles this weekend, I can say I am part of the bigger cycling world and a fully signed up member of the " Everyone falls off club" Sir Chris Hoy has more in common with me than he thinks. Roll on Paris.


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