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Exciting times

Michelle S
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20 Nov 2014

My uni life continues

Wonderful news today l am able to continue my university life l have funding to complete my degree thank you the Welsh Assembly.  A big weight of my mine. It is so difficult to be positive when you are so tired all the time, but today has been brill. I know at present l cannot hold down a job  but going back to university is the next step



Great to hear that the Welsh Assembly have backed you to complete your degree - that's wonderful news! It will take time to get back to speed after everything that you've been through but hang in there and remember that every day the ALL stays away, the stronger you're getting. Keep us updated and thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us - you'll have to write a blog about your experiences with blood cancer when you've got the time/energy! 


Hi Andy,
I was diagnosed on 20th November 2012 with ALL had all the usual treatment and I am still on treatment until March so not long now.
I was at South Wales University just starting my second year of Bsc Hons degree in Physical Geography and Geology, so it was quite a shock.

But although I cannot have a bone marrow transplant I have done amazingly well and started back at university last September just two days a week. Yes its difficult some days but it gives me focus and I really enjoy meeting all the young people with there whole lives ahead of them.
I am sure a lucky girl

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