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Facing blood cancer together

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22 Feb 2016

Our Support Line

I’m glad I took the plunge and called you. Your understanding of my predicament gave me great encouragement and hope for my uncertain future and I’m thankful that support is just a phone call away. 

Anthony Abel, myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) patient

Our new Support Line means we’re just a phone call or email away for patients and their families and friends

We know that when you’re diagnosed with cancer it can be a frightening time for both patients and their families and friends. Blood cancers are especially complex and there are 137 different types, so they can be difficult to understand, to talk about and to explain. Patients often say they feel isolated, unrepresented and unsupported. There’s also a low awareness of organisations like ourselves who are here to help, and this can prevent some patients from accessing services they could benefit from.

That’s why we set up our new Support Line, so we can do more than ever to support blood cancer patients and their families and friends. Our specially trained team are here to help – to listen, share experiences and mostly importantly make people aware they’re not alone with their cancer diagnosis.

The Support Line team can help patients navigate through our online information, booklets and films and connect them to other people going through the same thing in our online community.

They also advise patients about how they might benefit from world-class research programmes and clinical trials, and direct them to excellent services offered by local and national services, charities and groups right across the UK.

Meet the team

Many years as a blood cancer specialist nurse have given me the knowledge to direct patients to the best possible treatment and care, and the experience to make sure they feel informed, empowered and supported.

Reta Brownlow
Head of Patient Experience


We’ve listened and learnt from a wealth of different patient experiences and we keep improving our services to make our community as supportive as possible for anyone affected by blood cancer.

Kate Keightley
Patient Experience Manager


I’m passionate about supporting anyone affected by blood cancer, and encouraging them to receive the best options available for them​.

Lizzie Goates
Patient Experience Officer


We’ve built an amazing online patient community over the last three years. As a blood cancer patient myself, it’s been a huge source of support and inspiration.

Andy Jackson
Patient Experience Officer


It’s so important to stay in touch with patients throughout their journey to listen and provide support should they need it.

Eleanor Baggley
Patient Experience Officer



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