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The fight goes on

Louise Smith
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16 Feb 2016

More health challenges and the reason why Bloodwise still needs our help

Hi folks

Another year post SCT, and a time of reflection. Last week there were a couple of comments I read about other people and their experience of SCT. One or two even went as far as to say that they might have not taken that option if they had known what it would entail.

There is no getting away with it, SCT is not a ride in the park, especially if you get several infections like I did. My recovery was very slow, although I should have made allowances for having had two surgeries, the first to remove the tumour the size of a flattened football which was attached to heart and lung! Then there were the relapses and different regimes of chemo, harvesting of my stem cells, the SCT itself, and then RT.

During treatment I lost some of my hearing, and if there was going to be a problem I gave it them! I only had to threaten to move the furniture around again and they soon discharged me. Because my case was so extreme I am still on 6 month checks with my haematologist. Poor man has been stuck with me since November 2007, and deserves a medal.

So to the present day....The last few months have thrown up further challenges, as I was starting to get breathless and struggling when walking up slopes. My consultant ordered CT scan, echocardiogram and lung function tests. Blood tests were coming back fine. The good news was that the Hodgkins was not back, but I needed to be referred to a cardiologist....



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