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The fight goes on Part 2

Louise Smith
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16 Feb 2016

The future

So I left you after telling you about being referred to a cardiologist. My visit 3 weeks ago went so smoothly, and the outcome was that I have been put on medication to slow my pulse and lower my blood pressure. A week later my husband answered the phone " Can I speak to Louise. I'm the heart failure nurse." Well, that came out of the blue. She arranged to see me the week after.

In between I have a blood test for my thyroid (also aquired through treatment), and the results come back that thyroid is fine, but I have high cholesterol! A lovely lady came to see me at home the next day, and spent over an hour explaining why I had been referred to her team, and that I had advanced heart failure. Lucky me! Although I knew that I had a problem I never expected that. I looked at the reading matter she had left me, and I ticked ALL the boxes, and have to be alert to any changes. Now I have to 'wee and weigh' first thing in the morning every few days and if I put on a kilo in 3 days have to ring dr or team immediately.

So cancer, you keep on giving me gifts....loss of hearing, thyroid problems and now this, which can only be controlled and means I will eventually be unable to do the simplest things. My travels will be curtailed. It will become harder to keep up with my grandchildren.

This is why Bloodwise is so important. Research is not only being done to find cures, but to ensure more and more people can enjoy a quality of life. I look back on this past year, where I had a lovely holiday touring Spain by train, met up with people I had not seen for a while, including my best friend from school days who i had not seen for 45 years. I also went down to London to help with some work for Bloodwise, and helped with the Birmingham Bikeathon.

Next month I turn 60, and am having a party to thank some of the people who have supported me since I was ill. Its been tough, but I would still go through what I had to, just to have had the magic moments that still occur in my life. Hope to be at the Bikeathon again this year


Lizzie Goates

Louise, I am really sorry to read about this news. I really do wish I could just punch cancer in the face on your behalf!  This definitely sounds a bit crass, but it is how I feel right now. Thank you for your kind words about our organisation, which could not exist without people such as yourself, sharing your knowledge, wisdom and support. We of course would be delighted to have you at the Bikeathon again this year, and it would be lovely to meet you in person. Keep surrounding yourself with the people you love, enjoy adventures trips abroad and enjoy many more moments with your grandchildren, take care Lizzie


Thanks for your kind words Lizzie. Believe me, I was ready to smash some crockery, but luckily don't have the energy

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