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Final training done - now all set for Sunday

Peter R
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29 Aug 2014

Did my final training rides yesterday - the extended country route to and from work 14 miles each way instead of 3.5. Took it easy just to keep me topped up without tiring myself out before Sunday.

Had the bike serviced too so everything all greased and lubricated - wish I could say the same about my knees!

Will bike to work today the usual route and have a rest tomorrow - and then it's the big day!

Special thanks here to my sister and her husband for use of their flat in the Barbican only 15 minutes from Coram's fields. Sooo useful.

I am really really looking forward to the ride. I know I can do it but want to do so comfortably and enjoy it. I have done a couple of 40+mile training rides several 30+ (all with no ill effects) so if I keep focussed on Sunday, pace myself and follow my plan it will be fun - and a hugh thrill to cycle past so many iconic London landmarks. Even the weather looks set to be perfect.

Of course I will be helped by the enormous boost I have been given by the truly staggering response to my fundraising. Beyond my wildest dreams. I will feel rocket powered on Sunday but whatever - I won't let you down.

Thanks to everyone again.




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