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Finally the road

Kevin Hill
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11 May 2015

After a few false dawns weather finally turned in April and able to get out and do some road miles.

My wife keeps asking what will you do if it rains on the way to Paris, and with a two year olds logic I respond - get wet.

On the ride I don't get a choice but here and now I can pick and choose a dry and warm day to go out as I see fit. Anyway it quickly becomes clear that all the miles on the trainer have been worth it as I'm putting in the distances I was expecting and the times I was expecting even with those hills in the way. So happy cyclist.

Start of May however started with a setback as on the 30th April my back went into spasm and I could hardly move. Loads of pills and a back support and one week later able to contemplate riding so started with the trainer as I didn't want to be stuck miles from home if it went again. But joy all good even felt a bit better, being in one position clearly helps. So back on the bike and yesterday completed 50 miles, even better in a perverse sort of way as riding into a headwind on the way back and whilst harder obviously felt no sense of not going to make it. Even felt I could go on a bit possibly.

So looking good for next weekend when hoefully will complete back to back 50 milers including the Vrynwy regional ride on Sunday. Then looking forward to meeting some of you guys the following week in Daventry as  so far all my riding has been solo, hopefully riding in a group will bring some of the advantages I keep reading about.

So here's to more dry, warm weather in the months to come

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