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Finally, some good news

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28 Jan 2016

I've shown a positive response to the Sorafenib and I am ready for a stem cell transplant.

Yesterday I got the results of my recent biopsy, and finally the results were good. I've been taking Sorafenib for a month now, and it has shown a marked reduction in the level of residual disease in my bone marrow. There is still a tiny trace, but my consultant expects the downward trend to continue. I'm having a repeat biopsy to confirm that next week, but my team have said they are happy for me to proceed with the transplant. I'll be having full conditioning treatment now though, and that should help kick those trace remnants of disease into touch before receiving my sister's shiny, healthy new stem cells on 17th February.

Then my new life can begin!

The transplant whirlwind begins next week, with blood tests and insertion of my Hickman line, but my transplant co-ordnator has kindly left me a few days clear so I can have a few days away with the family before I check in to hospital on the 8th February. I intend to make the most of the free time I have before the long stay in hospital.

It's a bit daunting, because I know I'm going to be given some horrible drugs, I'm going to be pretty ill, and it's going to be a long hard slog. It's also exciting because it's giving me the hope of a cure and the potential to regain my life again. It also feels like the end is in sight.  So I'm feeling excited and scared and nervous and determined all at the same time. Aaaaaaarrgh!!!!!! 

I'm trying to focus on the things I can control. Like what I can take in to hospital with me. I've treated myself to some lovely toiletries and today I bought a yoga towel  which folds up really small so I can do some gentle yoga stretches in hospital. I'm going to look up a few videos with simple yoga and meditation practices I can manage in hospital. These are some the things I can do for myself to make the experience more bearable. 






Jane, I am so pleased to hear your good news. I'm glad you are going to have some family time before you have your transplant, because that is one thing that will get you through the tough days ahead. I shall be thinking of you and your family and keeping everything crossed for your recovery. Best wishes as always xx

Lizzie Goates

So glad to read this Jane, and it sounds like your already begining to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the stay and treatment in hospital. I think your idea of taking a yoga towel in is an excellent one! As Louise says above as well, very glad your able to spend some time wiht your family beforehand. Keep us posted and I hope treatment continues to go well. Take care Lizzie

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