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Find out how Birmingham Scientists are fighting cancer

Emma Jane Jones
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01 Jun 2015

Birmingham Cancer Showcase – 11 June 2015

Here in the Midlands we are really excited to be hosting our first Cancer Showcase event in partnership with Cancer Research UK.  CANCER researchers will throw open their doors to the public for the Birmingham Cancer Showcase on Thursday, 11 June 2015.

The event offers supporters a unique opportunity to get hands on with research with many demonstrations and activities, lab tours and talks by some of the leading researchers here in Birmingham. 

Talks include:
• The Trials Acceleration Programme: the Story so far…
• The road towards the understanding of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
• What are blood cancers and what are we doing about it?
• Identifying new therapeutic targets in patients with B cell lymphoma.

The event aims to lift the lid on the fascinating world of cancer and blood cancer research and show how local scientists are playing their part in treating and preventing cancer.  It will also include many other medical providors  involed in treating blood cancer such as nurses from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and our very own Patient Services team.

The showcase will take place at the Medical School, University of Birmingham between 3pm and 8pm. Attendance is free, but visitors are asked to book in advance at www.birmingham.ac.uk/cancershowcase

This event is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about how we’re fighting cancer & blood cancer in Birmingham.  The Showcase will really highlight the breadth of research going on to take discoveries from the lab bench, into clinical trials and ultimately to improve therapies for patients. Our researchers are keen to show visitors a glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ and share stories of our local progress in the fight  against blood cancer.

More information can be found online at www.birmingham.ac.uk/cancershowcase



Sorry I can't be there due to other commitments, but wishing you all a fantastic day