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Fine Sunday Walk

Sharon C
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14 Sep 2014

Today I decided it would be good to do a few miles, get the Tom and Grace ready for 5miles.

It wasnt met with the greatest of reactions by my children,but I eventually cajoled them in to the car with a very excited Henry dog.

We chose a 3.5miles round Boroughbridge and Aldborough called the Roman Rambler.

With drinks and biscuits in the rusack, we set off.  Henry as normal lead the way and pointed out every rabbit hole and enjoyed rolling in every fox poo with several dips in the ure ensured he had a great walk.

As for us, we have a great and interesting walk, learning lots of interesting facts about history.

By the time we got back to the car, I was being followed by 2 tired children, walking stiffly, one with a stitch, but Henry, he was merrily ready for another 3 miles!


Today I have started to recieve online donations and I've already surpassed my £200 target, which is amazing.

I am very grateful for every sponsor :)