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Rachael Cooke

The first day of the rest of my life!!

Rachael Cooke
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Rachael Cooke
01 Aug 2016

Saying farewell to the Paediatric Oncology Clinic after 20 years!!

TODAY I was actually finally discharged from the Paediatric Oncology clinic after 20 years!! Quite appropriately it was nurse Debbie Dodd who issued my discharge notes, having been one of the most memorable nurses who delivered my treatment whilst on the ward at Llandough hospital; attaching my drip stand, taking blood tests and giving me the tough love I sometimes needed as a frightened, needle-phobic 9 year old. I was proud to introduce her to my husband today and to talk with her about the life I now live (in part thanks to her). I was also proud that my Mam got to see Debbie for the last time, drawing a line under that chapter in all of our lives, saying everything in a single glance that words couldn't possibly say. 

So here's the 9 year old me, 4 months into chemotherapy in 1996. Showing off my donation certificate to LATCH, my steroid induced chubby cheeks and one of the infamous head bands and then there's the 29 year old me in 2016, happy, still smiling and so incredibly grateful. 

What would I say to my 9 year old self?? "Always remember: You're braver than you believe and stronger than seem"


Eleanor Baggley

What an amazing day for you, Rachael! This is fantastic news and it's so wonderful to hear hat you're happy and enjoying life. Thank you sharing this with us. Best wishes, Eleanor 

Lizzie Goates

Hi Rachael, 

This is so lovely to read! And wonderful that you are now 20 years post treatment, a really positive and encouraging message to so many. Take care Lizzie 

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