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Brad W
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09 May 2014

'The preparations begin'

Firstly I must give a BIG thank you to all those who have donated so far and got me off to a flyer:-)

And now the work begins.  Due to still making new dad adjustments [15 months now] and our shift patterns it has been a very stop start beginning to me getting out on the bke again.  However I do have an indoor training set up and starting on Sunday I will be partaking in an 8 day virtual cycling tour '8 Days In California' using the Trainer Road system and my wired up road bike.  Their training sessions are hard and push you based on the level of fitness you have achieved through their fitness test rides - one of which I did recently.  I'll need to stay motivated to complete a session a day for 8 days but I think it's achievable and will improve my base fitness no end i'm sure.

Please keep the donations coming in as they will be the best motivation for my training and preparation.





Good luck with the Virtual Tour in California Brad - shame you can't simulate the weather!! 

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