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First Post?

Sarah I
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25 May 2015

Getting started... or at least trying to.

So this is going to be my first "big" ride, luckily I have a wonderful coach there to whip me into shape once he can face giving me a bit of tough love. Personally, I think his method of just laughing at me probably does enough.

Having signed up to this has given me a goal, so I say let's get out an start training.

Day 1, all well and good. Kitted out in new shorts, trying to brave London in cleats. All good. Made it to Rapha without crashing or causing any serious damage, Charlie wearing his token RCC hat just to make a point and me trying not to knock everything over... Again. Can't embarrass him now can I?

Fine.Let's head to regents. Base miles he says.

So Charlie has a habit of going through lights just as theyre changing, leaving me behind and zooming off, and also of nipping through tiny spaces in (what's that word) traffic. Bearing in mind that I'm new to cycling (having so many disasters as a kid) and am still getting to know my bike, I often just wait behind.

Not today. Nipping through a particularly impressive winding path along regents Street I make it out feeling particularly victorious, especially as Charlie's pulled over ahead expecting me to have stopped, looking noticeably surprised that I'm still moving.

Day ruined. Pull over now, Sarah. Great, let's stop. Your shorts are see-through.

Seriously? Could we be in a busier place?

Needless to say after a hissy fit, and double checking that we cannot ride any further without me losing any small amount of remaining dignity, we make it to an Evans. We did have a giggle in the changing rooms as I attempted to find a new pair to keep my moony white bum cheeks in check, away from all spying eyes. Any CCTV footage of me bending and stretching must've given security a right laugh.

Let's just say, I wasn't impressed with my defective gore shorts, nor was the manager when I sent Charlie to return them on my behalfthe next day.

But hey, I have my money back,a lovely new pair of shorts and it can only grt better.

We finally made it out again today (after three failed attempts thwarted by a surprise birthday dinner for Charlie, an IBS flare up and gale force winds ready to throw us, will me, off the road), all crises averted. I didn't die along Oxford Street (although I did give one woman wandering idiotically through the middle of the road quite a fright) and despite my aching legs from dance last night, I can safely say that I'm starting to enjoy this. I think Charlie's just impressed I haven't passed out on the side of the road yet. We even got a picture in Hyde Park!

Needless to day, we all know I'm a catastrophe prone to drama, let's see what the next three months has to bring... I'll be setting up an instagram account so follow my progress! Let's get donating guys, and I'll continue to update you on my embarassing escapades!

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