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First proper day of training. 1st July 2015

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02 Jul 2015

It begins now. (And I'm upping the ante by not going for 14 or indeed 28 miles but somewhere in the region of 40 miles)

Yesterday I went out on what was penned by certain news outlets as "The hottest day of the decade" on my faithful steed.

Went Cycling down to the local park and tackled a few minor but steep hills then down to the park.

*I've gone up Pier Hill (which is practically vertical) twice within the last week so I guess this was what led me to start training properly*

After cycling to the park I went off to Waitrose which is always a nice pleasant bike ride and by the time I got home I'd clocked up just over 8 miles, seeing this was the first day of training I'm really glad with this. 

From now on I will be undertaking a strict regime in getting my body and my mind synced up to do what I need to do in the name of charity!!!

(This is for you, Mum <3 Xoxo)

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