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First Training Ride

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14 Jun 2015

Reviewing the Training Plan for the first time since we registered.... we thought we'd better start doing some proper rides and not just our week day trips to the gym... (Am sure spin classes don't quite count!!)

With a lunch date scheduled for Sunday in Queen's Park, we decided to look up the route on google map.  

Googlemap was telling us that Harrow to Queens Park via the 'scenic route' is 11 miles one way... so we decided to brave it and ride it in!

As soon as we got all our gear on and all ready to go, the weather turned on us and it rained and rained!!  But we were pysched up for our ride so we decided to go anyway!!

The route was very scenic indeed!! We went through parks, mansion streets, and through the Grand Union Waterways.  (My favourite bit was waving to everyone I saw on the canal... especially the hipster looking dudes cruising their boats down the canal).  We even rode past a rave party in the middle of the bush behind rail way tracks (SOOOO DODGY!!!)

We got to Queens Park alive and had a fabulous lunch with some great company. - You know who you are.... so please donate! :) 

After entree, main AND dessert......We decided not to catch the train home and ride back as well.   We were very restrained and did not have a drop of alcohol.... (EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE SERVING APEROL SPRITZ!!!!!  The father in law would be impressed!)

The weather back was much better and on route, we took our first fundraising photo :)    (oh .. and the rave party was still there on the way back.....!)

So first training ride done and dusted.  22 miles round trip (only half the full race length - eck!) but not bad for a first ride.

Hopefully the legs aren't too sore tomorrow!!! :)