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First training session

Stuart W
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04 Apr 2014

Well i got the new bike the weekend so went out for my first ride on Tuesday evening after work, which was what i thought to be a relativley leisurely 10km ride was a little more challenging than I expected !

Firstly 10km is a long way when the last time i did any kind of long bike ride was 20 years ago and then there is the car drivers on the road, i think there was a sign on my back saying try and get as close as possible to this cyclist !!

Only one more issue foiled me from getting home in a good time, was the fact that whilst negotiating some steps i somehow managed to dislodge my back wheel so spent approx 15mins trying to put it back together before finishing the last leg of the journey !

More fun and frolics to follow tomorrow 



Hi Stuart,

Thanks so much for your blog! I really enjoyed reading this as I, too, have signed up for the Bikeathon and am a bit of a novice when it comes to cycling (I haven't even got a bike yet!) I will enjoy reading your updates and use them as a motivation to get myself started!

Did you know that you can attach your blog to your fundraising page so that people who are visiting your page with the view of making a donation can see the effort you're putting in and keep up-to-date with your progress?

Attaching the blog is easy. Simply go to edit blog post and then select categories. At the bottom there's an option called 'About my fundraising' where you'll be able to select your Bikeathon page.

Good luck with the rest of your training and welcome to the team!


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