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First Training Session!

Anne Oliver
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04 Jul 2014


Enjoyed my first long cycle ride this morning as I start my training for the Birmingham Bikeathon in September.

Almost 18 miles through the beautiful Warwickshire country side, accompanied by Rachel & Arron. After turning round near Wellesbourne airfield, we stopped for a welcome cuppa and cake at Charlecote garden centre, but apart from that I managed to keep going without a break.

I think my hips will be complaining later!



Well done on getting out on your first long ride Anne - always the hardest! Sounds like you're stepping up the training at just the right time and youcertainly earned yourself that slice of cake afterwards!!!

How's the fundraising going? Did you know that if you raise just £100 you'll get yourself a free LLR cycling jersey and will also be providing the nurses needed for two blood cancer patients wanting to take part in one of our clinical trials?

Thanks again for the update and good luck with the remainder of your training.


I managed to cycle 23 miles in the Dordogne on a hired bike, so I think I should manage 26 miles around Birmingham now. MInd you I think there are quite a few hills on the route, so need to keep cycling up the road outside my house! I've received my go faster lycra cycling top thanks to my generous supporters.

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