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Fitting training in to the working day

Andy Jackson
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16 Jul 2014

When you're working finding the time during the week to put in the hard yards needed to get yourself in shape for a running event can be tricky irrespective of distance.

Generally I find I'm too tired to drag myself out of bed to get up and go for a run in the morning before work and I'm often busy/disinterested by the time I get home in the evenings. The solution? Going for a run on my lunch break with the rest of the Leukaemia & Lymphoma staff Run to the Beat team.

There are 14 of us in total each with our own motivations for taking part and we've been meeting up to go for a group lunch time run once a week on a Wednesday. This has been an enormous success despite the fact that we're a mixture of abilities each with very different target times and objectives. What's tended to happen so far is that after setting off together at a gentle pace as a bit of a warm up, people have been able to pair off naturally and settle into little groups that are able to run together at a pace they feel comfortable at.

We've stuck to the same route each time which takes us a little over half an hour and this has us back in the office, showered, watered and fed within the lunch hour allowing it to slot perfectly into the working day. Running as part of a group is an added bonus as it has helped keep us all motivated whilst having a regular meet up slot has ensured that we've kept the training going even if it's the only run we do all week.

In short, I'd really recommend going for the odd lunch time run if you're struggling to fit training into your working week even if you've got nobody else to run with! It gets you out of the office, makes you feel less guilty about lunch and, believe it or not, leaves you feeling ready and raring to go again in the afternoon thanks to the endorphine release afterwards. The best part for me is knowing that I've already got the training out of the way for the day, leaving me free to go home and enjoy my evening without feeling guilty!

I'd also really recommend Run to the Beat to anybody even if you've never run before. It given me a real motivation to get fit whilst providing a way for me to make a difference to the lives of blood cancer patients at the same time by collecting a bit of sponsorship from friends and family.

But don't just take my word for it! Read more about out our Run to the Beat team to find out more about why we're all be lining up alongside 15,000 others in Wembley Park to take part in this year's race.




Fantastic idea Andy!! 

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