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Flying fish and barnacles: Dan and Will's adventure continues

Dan H
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10 Jan 2014

Another report from the Atlantic as the weather picks up and the wind starts blowing Dan and Will's boat in the right direction. The boys are now first in the 'pairs' category, and fast progressing towards Antigua. 

Dan says, "One of the main reasons were falling down in the rankings was because we hadn't been able to clean the barnacles off the bottom of the boat. It had been far too choppy to get in the water so we had to sit and wait, all the time knowing that the crews around us had cleaned their barnacles off and had gained half a knot of speed. Majorly frustrating!" We're happy to report that Blue Steel now has a lovely clean bottom, after Will dove overboard in his birthday suit to do the honours, while Dan sat on shark watch.

After a thorough clean, Blue Steel picked up the pace. Dan said, "We were definitely 0.5 of a knot quicker - maybe more. It’s amazing how much this cheered us up and it's great to be getting to Antigua that little bit quicker. Those rum punches are calling us. We are officially over halfway now which is a great feeling, we are closing in on 1,000 miles to go and then the real countdown begins - exciting stuff!

"We are being constantly bombarded by flying fish, finding lots of dead ones on deck after a night shift. I heard a yelp from Will a couple of nights ago as he was hit square on the back of the head by one!"

You can follow Dan and Will's progress on the Yellowbrick Race Viewer website. Dan's brother, George, says, "Following the race is certainly addictive. It was disheartening at the beginning to see the boys losing what looked like three days of hard work in one of the worst storms in the history of the Atlantic Challenge. Hearing that four teams have had to pull out of the race during early stages reminds us all that this challenge is extremely difficult and capsizing can happen to any crew at any time."

For more information and the latest updates, visit jellyfish.co.uk/atlanticrow2013

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