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Four years on

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15 Jul 2016

Here's how I'm making the date I received a cancer diagnosis and started treatment

It's been almost four year since I was diagnosed with cancer. It took a few more weeks before the cancer was named and staged, and treatment was agreed and started.

I had six rounds of chemotherapy and moved into remission, and decided to mark two new dates every year: the date I started treatment and the date I finished treatment.

This year I'm getting in a bit early.

On Sunday I'll be taking part in a super sprint triathlon. That's a sentence I never expected to write.

In a few weeks I'll be taking part in a sprint triathlon. That's another sentence I never expected to write.

I'm not a fast runner or cyclist, and I only started learning to swim front crawl in January. But I'm really looking forward to getting to the start line, and I can't wait to cross the finish line. And I'm doing it all to help raise money for Bloodwise and Macmillan Cancer Support, because I want other people to be helped the way I've been helped over the past four years.

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