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Friday 13th - unlucky for some

Sarah C
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01 May 2015

Initial diagnosis

"Its good to talk, just like the BT advert" this was the Consultant at the hospital asking me to come in and see him as he had the official diagnosis of my Leukaemia. Not the best way to spend a sunny Friday afternoon.

I had been the previous day for a bone marrow biopsy and blood tests and had been told on the Tuesday that they thought it was highly likely that I had Leukaemia.  In a way I was relieved that they had finally worked out what was wrong me because I had been unwell for so long and had also found a breast lump which then led to various tests and thinking that I might have Breast Cancer.  OK so it wasn't that but it was something just as scary!

The next few days were a bit of a blur but I remember 2 things very clearly, one was having to break the news to my Mum who was waiting at home looking after my children and the other was a desperate need for fish and chips!

So there we are on the Friday afternoon sitting in a broom cupboard, seriously it must have been the smallest room in the entire hospital and a Consultant telling me that he was very sorry but I had Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) and that I needed to start treatment immediately, I remember holding his hand and saying thank you over and over again.  Then the next 2 days I don't remember, until the Monday morning when I was about to leave for the train station with my bag packed and not knowing when or if I would be coming home. Scared doesn't even come close.



Sarah thank you so much for sharing your experiences of diagnosis.

Reading it reminded me of my own diagnosis and it's funny that you mentioned feeling a strange feeling of relief as I felt that too and remember thinking later that it was odd.

How long had you been feeling unwell before you were diagnosed and what made you go for the blood tests?


Hi Andy,

Hope you are well.  

My diagnosis took a while, I had been unwell for quite some time, since October 2006, chest infections and sinus infections that never seemed to clear up, the GP just kept giving me antibiotics and sending me on my way.  When in the March of 2007 I found a lump in my breast and went back to the doctors and this time they started to take me seriously.  After a mammogram and a biopsy they finally diagnosed Leukaemia.

Sarah x