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12 Aug 2015

im sat here waiting for blood tests and breakfast. I am flipping starving, it's amazing how quickly the body readjusts to getting up with the kids at 6 and eating straight away. I wonder what breakfast will be? I'm guessing cereal followed by a bacon butty is out of the question? The nurse last night told me they can't do toast due to healthy and safety risks. Seriously?Id take Worcestershire cold, soggy toast happily now!

So while I'm waiting I thought I'd fill you in on something pretty incredible that happened when I was first diagnosed.

By far the worst part was realising I was going to have to tell my friends and family this news and rock their worlds. I remember distinctly the day i had been told they 'thought' it was leukaemia, it was that first weekend in hospital and Gary, Dad  and 2 of my friends had popped in after I'd had the first blood transfusion thinking I'd be going home and there was nothing more to it than anaemia. I remember telling them they thought it was something more serious and the look on their faces, I didn't want anyone to be upset but those words must have sunk to the stomach and sat there like lead.

When it was confirmed  I wrote an e mail to my old school and uni friends, I sent them a message saying not to read it until they were at home but of course most of them didn't listen! Telling my sister was horrendous, my dad had to break it to my mum and to this day I wonder what it was like in that house in those moments, I hate that I had to inflict this pain on people as I know what I'd be like if the tables were turned and it was one of them.

Anyway, onto the positive stuff. In these days of modern technology what's apps and Facebook messenger groups were set up. My old uni friends were suddenly engaged in a constant stream of  chit chat, hilarious at times as we reminised about our times in Chester, sad at times, shocking as we realised just how much we had missed out in each others lives in the years since we left. But the thing that has stood out above all else is that time doesn't really matter, we've always been there and after however long not seeing each other we just slip back into old ways. Girls, you've kept me going and we will make sure it carries on long after this is all over.Big up the reunion. 

My redditch  girls, how lucky I am that you welcomed me into your lives when Gary and I met. You have, quite simply, been my rocks through this. Along with the newer friends in our lives (Mr & Mrs P for example) you have supported Gary the kids and I beyond all expectations. I know I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on getting better without knowing you were cooking him meals and helping with the girls so Thankyou, you are amazing.

The bestie, crappy situations keep us from getting to each other but my heart is with you and yours with me. It's that simple, squishes soon my love.

The family, I am sorry we are having to go through this, it's pants but it will make us stronger. Mum, dad and Ali it's your strength and belief that help keep me going and knowing there us no other option than to get better. I'm sure you all fall apart sometimes but you keep it from me as I would from you, we can cry happy tears instead when I'm cured! Big love to the extended family, you're all incredible too. 

My amazing, strong, superstar hubby. There are very few men that could cope with becoming a single Dad overnight and you took control and cared for our girls for 12 weeks straight because quite simply it was your job as their Daddy. You've been their whole world and, while you've had help with cooking and cleaning side of things, no one can comprehend how hard it's been for you. I can honestly say I couldn't have done it as well. This is the beginning of the end hunny, these few weeks will be nothing compared to what we've already done and I'll be home before you know it.

Lastly my little Dunnington family. I'm sure some people think our family term is a bit cheesy but do you know what? It's what we are and the support from staff, parents and our amazing kids has been overwhelming. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to being back with you again.

So, the breakfast trolley is here, check that out for timing! I shall sign off for now as quite frankly I'm about to eat my own fist.


Ps if you feel you should have been mentioned in this blog don't feel hard done by, you've been fab too whoever you are. Thankyou xx




It's so good to hear that you've got the support of your friends and family behind you who all sound amazing by the way! Telling them is the hardest part - it certainly was for me and I didn't want to break the news to my friends at first as they had all just started at university and I didn't want to ruin their freshers week or become a burden.

My Mum and Dad actually told them without my knowing and they all came to visit me when I returned from a trip to the fertility clinic of all places. It was one of the best surprises I've ever had and looking back it still makes me smile. They gave me strength and treated me just the same as before and were wonderful throughout the entire process.

Keep us updated and if you have any questions at any time or want to talk to someone who's been where you are then I'm here at any time. Boo to the no to the toast. That wasn't outlawed in my day!!!

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