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Fund Raising - the final push

Kevin Hill
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14 Sep 2015

There are times in life when an opportunity arises and for whatever reason we walk on by. Such an opportunity arose for me earlier this year and whilst in the past I would have walked on by the charity the reason the opportunity all cam together at the right time and so I went for it.
I was thinking what unique fundraising I could do to boost the pot and by chance I was given a signed match ball from an England six nations match which I was able to raffle off and raised a good sum from. This however got me thinking and I thought there must be something more unique, so casting caution the wind I wrote to Stuart Lancaster, head coach for England, and asked if he and the team would sign one of my London 2 Paris ride shirts. The answer was yes and so off it went and has now come back signed by the coaching staff and team, and to help with the provenance a picture of Courtney Lawes, England & Northampton 2nd Row holding it. Any questions re authenticity please direct to him, but only I would suggest after you have viewed his greatest hits online.
I won't be wearing it on the ride proper as I wouldn't want to soil it, but will hopefully wear it for the start to get some publicity before handing it over to the charity to auction at one of their "black tie" events later in the year when again hopefully a decent price can be achieved to add to my total.
So the moral of the story is it can be worth going for it you just need the right incentive.
So it's now 3 days before the off and I've got just over 3400 miles of training completed in the last 250 days, a heavy cold followed by a back spasm has kept me off the bike for a week so no choice in slowing down ahead of the event. That said there is no question of not riding as over the past week two of my ride family have posted the bad news that their children have relapsed, they are continuing to ride how could I do less and support them in any way I can.
So it's now time to pack my bags and clean the bike and prepare for the off, with a storm predicted for Thursday it will certainly be a day to remember.
To all fellow riders, ride safe and strong lets be unstoppable.

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