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Fundraiser on 22nd August

rich Castle
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15 May 2014


I have been busy over this way and the Castle household is buzzing as we have managed to secure a fundraising night in my local social club somewhere in the depths of Croydon, surrey (well, in the shadow of Crystal Palace fc footy ground) on Friday the 22nd August to raise much needed funds for LLR.

The basic plan at the moment is to have a disco, raffle, bucket donations, auction (hopefully cpfc signed footy or something similar, face painting and a bbq)  however, I'm open to ideas and suggestions on how to make this into a brillant night raising as much as possible for our charity. 

I'll also be after a couple of volunteers to help generally on the night in particular  a facepainting artist. 

Many many thanks.





This is a great idea Rich - good on you! Count me in if you need a volunteer from the charity!

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