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Jennifer D

Fundraising ideas to get rid of those January blues!

Jennifer D
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Jennifer D
10 Feb 2015

Now the countless dryathlons have finished, everyone is looking for a good time and a reason to fundraise. Let’s say ‘good riddance’ to the January blues by getting your fundraising going with a bang!

1. Valentine’s party

For those with significant others, perhaps there’s a way to turn one of the cheesiest holidays of the year into a fundraising spectacular! Invite friends over for drinks, a dinner party or something even grander and charge a small entry fee.

2. Un-Valentine’s party

If you don’t have a significant other, you can still make the most of this holiday by getting all your single friends over for a soiree. Movie nights and food-tasting parties are great ideas, or host a massive bar crawl with your mates to get out of the house. Again, charge an entry fee or ask them to donate to your JustGiving page.

3. National Cupcake Day bake sale

Bake sales are fairly commonplace in the average office, so why not make this one an extravaganza to celebrate National Cupcake Day on 24 February. You could even make a contest out of it by charging colleagues to enter to bake the best cupcake, based on a variety of criteria. Then, sell the cupcakes!

4. Mother’s Day gifts

It's Mother’s Day on 15 March and people are often scrabbling to find the perfect gift for their mums. Why not offer to use your crafty skills to create gifts, cards or even flower arrangements to sell to your friends? If you’re not too crafty, start up a ‘delivery’ service and charge your friends to have their gifts delivered on Mother’s Day!

5. St Patrick’s Day

Shortly after Mother’s Day will be St Patrick’s Day, on 17 March - another excuse for a big party! Hit the supermarket for some good drinks deals and party the night away. You can even hire a hall and get a raffle going to really bring in the cash, not forgetting a costume contest for the ‘greenest’ person!

6. Rugby 6-Nations sweepstake

For the rugby-loving fundraisers among you, why not get a sweepstake going for the Rugby 6-Nations? You can charge mates extra to enter, meaning there’s a pot for the winner, plus some extra to go towards your fundraising. If your friends are feeling extra generous, they may even give the pot to your fundraising as well!

As ever, please email me on if you need any materials to get your fundraising going. Thanks again for your incredible effort so far!



Great blog Jenny and I agree, an office 'bake off' would be great! 


Let's get baking!


Ready, set, BAKE!