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Fundraising at the office

4Ps Marketing
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16 Apr 2015

From raffles to chocolate auctions and delivery charges - the team has been getting creative in supporting our charity of the year.

The 4Ps team was happy to distribute client regards, from gift hampers at christmas to our annual lindt easter chocoloate supply, by raffling, auctioning and trading goodies. Additionally, everyone committed to a delivery charge innitiative where staff donated  50p for each delivery of chistmas gifts during the festive period.

So a sought after bottle of red wine lead to a bidding war between Luke and Jack and the lindt chocolate was in high demand with our hr team bagging a good amount of easter bunnies between them. Not to forget Phoebe and Ellie who happily accepted to pay the delivery charge for their rather elaborate pre chistmas shopping spree.

Thank you to our clients and the team, particularly Calvin and Kia who secured a lot of donations with the wonderful lindt chocolate.



Fantastic work!

Thanks to everyone who donated, took part in raffles and auctions! You guys always have such creative fundraising ideas - we're so lucky to have you on board.