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Fundraising at work

Dan Henchman
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28 Jun 2013

‘Annual Leave Day’ Auction
Ask your workplace if they would auction off a day’s annual leave in your office, and the day goes to the highest bidder

Bake sale
From cupcakes to a victoria sponge, you can host a bake sale at work, asking your colleagues for a donation for their choice of baked goodies

Dress down day
Great at school and work, pay £1 to wear your favourite casual clothes for the day

Donate a day’s wages
...and you can ask your employer if they will match this too to raise even more money

Guess the baby photos
Ask your colleagues to bring in a baby photo, and charge a donation of £1 per guess

Job swap
Why don’t you and a colleague swap jobs for the day and get sponsored for the challenge? Make it even better and see if your manager will swap with you!

Office collection
Hold a fundraising collection in your office

Office Olympics
From the longest paperclip chain to the best cup of tea, who will win in your office?

Shoe shine services
This is great to do in a busy office, where you can charge £1 for every pair of shoes that you clean

Swear box
Put £1 in the swear box whenever you say a swear word