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The Garden of England you say? More like a great big mud bath!

Ellie V
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29 May 2014

Second bike ride, and a lovely day out at the same time. Drove to Bewl Water - just got the bike in the back of the car. Will be dropping subtle hints to my other half for a bike rack or I'm going to be vacuuming the car very often! 

We cycled 8km around Bewl Water in very think mud. Stopped for a drink in a pub and then made the same journey back. Took ages, with an average speed of 6km p/h but the terrain was tough! 

It was great cycling with someone. Made it much more fun and my partner was great at pushing me to go further but I think she will be quite stiff tomorrow as well! Luckily for her, part of her work day includes a session in a hydro pool!

A great day and a second training ride! 


Claire Y

Hi Ellie! Looks beautiful and I'm glad to see you got your blog up and running! 


Amazing views. Cycling in mud doesnt sound like much fun - great for the legs though! keep up the good work :D

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