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Gathering some funds

Kirk S
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25 Aug 2014

Holding a collection for Leukaemia & Lymphoma research during our reunion in Blackpool on 5th & 6th Sept 2014

Hi all,

Well as the ice bucket challenge takes hold, we are a family of ex RAF personnel who served in the honourable trade of Armourer.  Basically if it goes bang then we deal with it from aircraft guns to bomb disposal.  We are a proud bunch and consider ourselves a close knit family, to that end we have a reunion each year one in Blackpool in September and a further one in Lincoln around November/December to honour our patron saint St Barbara.

This year one of our brethren has taken it upon himself to take up the ice bucket challenge with a difference, this ice bucket is full of bottles of beer which he is proposing to drink, as part of this challenge we have decided to raise money for this cause because a number of us have been or are fighting cancers and Leukaemias and we are keen to raise money and raise awareness of this condition amongst a close knit group.

Wish us well and check out our facebook pages




Hmm intrigued.  My friend who is also suffering Leukaemia and going to the reunion, contacted LLR today for some collection/donation envelopes and was promised a couple of T shirts too.  A couple of hours later he gets a call from LLR telling him no t shirts, "because of our reputation"  what does that mean?  Are LLR that narrow minded that a reunion and some fund raising involving alcohol is not something they wish to be associated with?   Maybe we should divert our fundraising to another cause like Cancer research.  I am diagnosed not under treatment yet, my friend has completed a course of Chemo for AML and is awaiting a stem cell transplant,  do you honestly believe we are that irresponsible???


Dear Kirk,

Thank you for your comment.

I’m sorry that we are unable to send you t-shirts for your fundraising. We understood from the conversation with your friend that your reunion would involve a pub crawl, which is why we aren’t able to send them out to you.

I’m sure you understand that we need to be protective over our brand and our reputation. Whilst we completely appreciate that you are responsible adults who want to raise money for us, for which we are hugely grateful, we simply aren’t able to provide branded t-shirts for fundraising during pub crawls.

As discussed with your friend, we are of course going to send other branded materials to you for use within your reunion group.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all.

Thank you for your support, I hope the evening is a huge success.

Best wishes,

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