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Geoff Thomas' Top Tips for getting to Paris

Geoff T
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Geoff T
11 Apr 2013

Since being diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) in 2003 I have met many incredible people, including determined doctors, inspiring patients and selfless fundraisers. For me London | Paris: Be Unstoppable is another way I can continue to raise awareness and money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research so they can achieve their aim of beating blood cancers and improving the lives of all patients so they can live their lives to the full.

As a keen cyclist already, I don’t feel nervous about being on my bike, but the prospect of 400km in just four days is still pretty daunting. In order to make sure I’m ready for the ride I’ve started cycling wherever I can – every mile counts! On average I aim to do about 60 -70miles a week with one or two rest days. Now that we’ve only got three months to go before the event I’ve started doing back to back rides whenever I can, mostly at weekends. From experience, I’ve found that back to back training is invaluable for getting your body used to continuous cycling.

Another top tip I’ve learnt over the years is to try to get out in all weathers. On the actual event, you will have no control over the weather and the event itself is highly unlikely to be cancelled due to the weather conditions, so don’t let a little rain (or snow!) put you off your training! It’s a great way to prepare for the event.

I’ll be updating again on my progress before the event so you can see if you’re at a similar stage with your training. Don’t forget to keep fundraising – every penny you raise will improve the lives of blood cancer patients, ensuring they can go on to live full lives, free from the fear of relapse or the harsh side effects of treatments.




Hi Geoff,
Russ said you may be up for a training ride around Hereford, we are completing about 70 to 80 miles on the weekend and can go out in the week with a bit of notice. We can meet you over Worcester on the weekend if that fits better.
Cheers Billy

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