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Get involved as a Digital Ambassador

Andy Jackson
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01 Jun 2015

With the ever increasing influence of the internet more and more blood cancer patients and their families are going online to find the information and support that they need.

We want to reach out to patients online as much as possible and to this we need your help! Here’s a couple of ways you can start making a difference straightaway:

1. Join our blood cancer community & start engaging with others affected by blood cancer

Over the past couple of years we’ve slowly been building up a community of patient bloggers who are sharing their blood cancer experiences and supporting each other through treatment and beyond.

As Ambassadors we’d really like you to take a leading role in the community. Initially this would be by sharing your experiences with blood cancer. However in the longer term we’d like Ambassadors to take the lead in engaging and supporting other patients by commenting on their blogs and signposting them towards information and support that might be of use.

If you’re interested in helping out as part of our patient community do send me an email us at and I’ll be able to send you further information on how to get started.  

2. Support us on Facebook

We’ve got a strong and growing presence on Facebook and need your help to continue to reach out to people affected by blood cancer and get them the access to the support and information that they need.

You can do this in a number of ways:

- Liking, sharing and commenting on our Facebook posts.

- Supporting other patients on our Facebook page by responding to their comments and offering your tips and experiences.

- Signposting patients’ to relevant information and support that might be of use - this could be anything from one of our patient information pages or booklets to a particular patient blog or article.

- Reaching out to other blood cancer patients on other Facebook groups and online communities and telling them about the information and support that Bloodwise can offer.    

3. Join our Ambassador Facebook Group

To help support you all as Ambassadors we’ve set up an Ambassador Facebook Group which we’d really like you to join.

The group is completely private and is your space to share any queries or concerns as well as tell us any achievements and/or ideas you may have about how we can further spread awareness and support patients and their families.

It’s also a space for you to talk to other Ambassadors about anything and everything from what you’re up to as part of the Ambassador programme right through to sharing your own experiences about blood cancer and beyond.

Join the Ambassador Facebook Group

Last and by no means least, we’re also looking into the creation of an Ambassadors’ Contact Book. If this is something that you’re interested in being a part of do get in touch by emailing us at

Thanks again for all your support – together we will beat blood cancer!

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