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Getting Closer!

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03 Aug 2014

Training and bike purchases

As the routes were anounced recently for our mammoth challenge i think all three of us were spurred on! This week has seen me purchase the bike i will be riding, Stephen complete a long 20 mile ride and Seb do a 24km cycle in his gym. I think its fair to say the start of August has woken us all up somewhat. This time in 4 weeks i expect all of us will be struggling to move after completing this challenge!

The start of August also marks the (hopefully) last treatment that my brother in law will have to endure. He is the reason we are undertaking this challenge as 3 months ago he was tragically diagnosed with lymphoma. Being the truly inspirational man he is, we are now (fingers crossed) in the last sprint for him. 

We all know that Darren is not the only person that has been affected by blood cancer and this is why the challenge means so much to us. To be able to raise awareness and be a part of the fight for future patients means the world to us. 

If you read this and feel inspired (or think were utterly mad) then any donations, £'s or the pennies would not only be hugely appreciated by us but also Lukemia and Lymphoma Research. 

More updates to follow closer to the big day!

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