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Getting by with a little help from my friends

Andy J
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15 Sep 2014

So, after all the worrying and fretting beforehand and some gruelling hill climbs which my lungs didn't thank me for during the race, I DID IT! I ran to the beat, not only getting round but also beating my hour target with a minute and a half to spare!

I wouldn't have got round without a little help from my friends many of whom I had no idea were running before the race. I had my sister, Katy, to thank for my cousins Jenny, Maggie and John taking part with Jenny coming all the way over from Uganda to help me get round. Lauren never left my side either - although she could clearly have gone a lot faster - and having them there with me gave me the added confidence I needed to keep going on what was a tough 10k course with a couple of fiendish hills.

A huge well done, too, to my friend Ben Zacharias and his friend, Connor, for taking part and raising money for the cause on his 30th birthday of all days. Ben has never done anything like this before and absolutely nailed it on his 10k debut. I'm really proud of him and really touched that he would effectively sacrifice his birthday to take on the challenge. Hero.

And then of course, there's the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research staff team, who all did themselves proud. Special mentions must go to Dan for blitzing the course to be the first home and to Sarah Lines who like Ben was taking part in her first ever 10k race. Here's a picture of the team in all their glory:

Massive thanks must also go to everyone who came out to support us all at the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research cheer points - especially the one at 8k when I was beginning to really tire. You made all the difference in what was an incredibly special day for me personally in which I proved once again that this lung condition will not get me down.

Run to the Beat has rekindled my love for running and I'm so, so happy to have been part of what was another really great day for the charity. 

That's now ELEVEN challenges down and whilst I won't get all 30 done now before I turn 30, I'm proud of what I've managed to achieve so far given everything else that has happened over the course of this year. I won't stop until I reach the £30,000 nor indeed until I have completed all 30 challenges including meeting the Queen!

Thanks so much to everyone so far that has made a donation or helped out with a challenge. I'm so lucky to have so many amazing friends and family.

To make a donation and find out more about my challenges and how you can help, visit my 30 before 30 challenge fundraising page.



Brilliant work Andy, by you and all of the team! Sorry I missed it to be with ELO at Hyde Park, but they were sooo good!


Thanks for the shout out mate - was a great day to be part of, and glad you were still able to absolute smash my time!