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Getting new treatments to patients faster

Shamyla Siddique
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01 Aug 2016

Before the Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP) was launched, researchers faced an uphill struggle trying to get their research off the ground.

That meant good ideas for new treatments weren’t getting explored. These were ideas that could save and change lives. And when you spend your day seeing people with blood cancer come and go from the hospital, it takes on a far greater significance.

We did all we could to support the trials. The team would often work late and at weekends but the truth was, things just couldn’t move fast enough. TAP was developed to address this.

Here in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, we help design the trials, handle administration, data analysis and report writing. Our team is connected to 13 hospitals, which means we’ve got access to a far wider range of patients with blood cancer and can get trials going faster. It also means that more people have access to ground-breaking treatment earlier.

We’re all so completely focused on what we do. It’s hard not to be when you walk into work every morning knowing that what you do could save and change lives. That’s why our commitment hasn’t wavered. We’ll do whatever it takes to get those trials moving.

It’s amazing to think that, in only five years, TAP has achieved so much without any government funding. But we’re committed to achieving more. I’d say our ambition is to ensure that anyone with a blood cancer has the opportunity to take part in a relevant trial. Eventually, we want to be able to cure every one of its 137 forms.

With your support, we’ll get closer to achieving that, so if you can, please do support the work of Bloodwise.

Shamyla Siddique
TAP and Haematology Trials Team Leader​

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