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Amy D
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03 Jul 2014

I went and bought a new bike for the event and have been out on a 16 mile bike ride to test it out. It was tough but i enjoyed it and am looking forward to training more. Weve had a really busy June with weddings and stuff so havent trained as much as we would like to but i've just created our training schedule up until the event and i'm looking forward to doing longer distances!!

Keep your fingers crossed...i'm no pro!! :-)




I just bought myself a bike for the Bikeathon, too, and share your pain on the finding it tough. It will get easier though the fitter you get and the more that you get used to the bike. It's great to have you guys on board and look forward to reading your next update.

How's the fundraising going?


Fundraising is a bit slow but i think its down to be also doing Race for Life this weekend so i had already asked a lot of people for donations this month. Next month should see us hit our target and i hope for some to come in afterwards too.

We are going for a long ride tonight and we are trying to stick to our schedule.

what sort of distance will you be doing running up to the event? will you do the 52 miles the week of the event of less?



Hi Amy/Mike,

Hitting up people for fundraising for two different events is tricky! I hope the race for life went well and that you weren't too sore after your long ride - how far did you go?

My training has been very stop start as I've been so busy recently and I have only just finished doing a week of fasting for another fundraising challenge so not been out on the bike for a bit. I'm definitely going to look to do something approaching race distance before the event but certainly not in the week building up to the event as I want to save my energy for the ride itself.

Probably going to go 25 miles this weekend, 35 the following and then 45-50 the weekend after that before tailing down in the build up to the ride.

Hope this helps and all the best with the remainder of your training. 

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