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Getting tough for Tough Mudder

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08 Apr 2015

Its remarkable that in such a short space of time, I have been told "you have normal bloods." I cannot explain how exciting that news is. Despite thinking positively and being told by my consultant the medication is well tolerated, there is always that little whisper of doubt. When I was first diagnosed (only 2 months ago) my white blood cell count was 494 which is dangerously high. It is now relatively normal.

It seems pretty crazy that within 8 weeks I've given a bone marrow sample, had two blood transfusions, a mild dose of chemotherapy and been prescribed my long term medication. I now very rarely have heart palpitations, my tinnitus has disappeared, restless legs have completely gone and I am no longer tired on a daily basis.

It is for this reason that I want to raise money for LLR. Without research, people like me would not be able to continue with their everyday lives.

Just over a decade ago, before TKI's became the standard treatment for CML, i would be waiting for a bone marrow transplant and my future may have been a lot bleaker.

I take my medication religiously at the same time every morning and when I do, I say "Good morning! Thank you for making me healthy." I know that may seem a little strange but I really am very thankful.

It is around 5 half months until Tough Mudder and I strongly believe having something to aim towards and focus on is helping my recovery. I do suffer a little with bone pain and cramps but despite this I very quickly realised that I was stronger than ever before. I am told off regularly by friends and family for working too hard but although it is nice to know that people care, excersize makes me feel healthy and I havent felt that for a very long time.

As the warm weather made an appearance at the weekend, i decided to go for a run. The last time I tried running long distance, it was before Christmas. I couldn't even manage a mile as it felt like I was running though tar. This time, I ran 3.5 miles. That is a huge achievement for me and in fact the only reason I stopped was because I saw a friend and paused for a chat.

Currently I can only manage one pull up and 10 press-ups but I'm going to keep on battling hard as I want to be able to say that I attempted every single obstacle Tough Mudder throws at us. Bizzarrely though, blood cancer is no longer a battle or even an obstacle for me but merely an inconvenience. This is thanks to research and the amazing treatment I have received from the doctors and nurses.

Please help us raise money for LLR so that others like me can be given a second chance and maybe even beat blood cancer all together.



Thanks so much for the update Jackie!

It's great to hear that you're cell counts are back under control and you've responded so well to the treatment. Long may that continue to be the case.

Reading the first part of your blog when you talked about the process you've been through reminded me so much of my own journey 10 years ago and in that time we've come on even further in the treatment of CML with so many options now available for patients.

Good luck with the training for Tough Mudder and stay in touch - it's great to hear how you're getting on!