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'The Girls' - Nurses, Clincians and Patient Experience

Kate A Keightley
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17 Nov 2015

How we connected with local healthcare professionals at 'The Girls' musical this weekend

Some of the patient experience team spent an exciting Saturday afternoon at Leeds Grand Theatre this weekend watching the final dress rehearsal of Gary Barlow and Tim Firth’s new musical ‘The Girls’.  The producers of the show very kindly offered three hundred complimentary tickets and thanks to the extremely hard work of lymphoma CNS, Gill Stewart, a number of clinicians, nurses and patients from Leeds were able to come along and preview the show with us.  The play was a huge success and there were tears and laughter from the crowd in equal proportions.

Both Airedale Hospital and St. James’s Hospital staff were involved in the treatment of John Baker, husband of Angela (one of the original Calendar Girls).  It was incredibly touching to see them reunited with Angela at the end of the show as they hadn’t seen each other since John was in hospital all those years ago.  

After all this emotion, we left the theatre and met the remaining healthcare professionals to give them a personal thank you from Bloodwise for everything they do in their daily work.  We heard some incredible stories and got to know some really interesting people.   We were able to gather some excellent insight into the differences in nursing practice in teaching hospitals and district hospitals, which has given us food for thought prior to our forthcoming Nurses Advisory Panel meeting this week, as well as towards our strategic plans for next year. 

Despite the disappointment of not quite managing to meet Gary Barlow (although I am convinced I felt his presence), it was an extremely successful weekend – both for ‘The Girls’ and for future patient experience work.

Collections will be held for Bloodwise after each performance. It is hoped the musical will add to the £3million the Girls have already raised for the charity.

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