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Grimsby's 100 tins over 100 days in support of 100% survival and 100% quality of life

Catriona Taylor
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Catriona Taylor
30 Oct 2013

Our vision is to beat blood cancer. This means 100% survival and 100% quality of life for all blood cancer patients.

Earlier this year, the Grimsby & District Branch let me know they wanted to do their own special fundraising in support of our aim for 100%. I'm delighted to report that their 100% Alive fundraiser was a great success, with over £1,000 raised! 

They set out with the aim to place 100 collection tins in 100 businesses over a period of 100 days to raise as much money as possible for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. 

Through lots of hard work and logistics, along with terrific support from local businesses, the Branch have been successful in raising £1,046.68 with their tins! Branch Secretary Sue Lucas let us know:

"The approach to the 100% campaign was something quite different for our branch. We are all very much aware, that over the years of fundraising we perhaps ask the same people & same companies for their support, thankfully so many give tirelessly and generously.

But with the 100 pots we targeted more of the everyday companies in our communities; the corner shop, village post office, local pub and fast food restaurant for example. This way we were not directly asking for money, people would give their change if they felt the inclination. As we all know the pennies add up! At one committee members local fish & chip shop a fantastic £92 was collected, she had to empty the pot half way through the campaign to make room for more donations!

"Not only did we make a fantastic amount, but it was an opportunity to spread the word, letting people know that we are here raising money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, if they didn't know such a committee of determined ladies existed, I hope more people do now!"

Many thanks to the Branch and to everyone who supported their campaign.



HUGE congratulations to everyone in the Branch, fantastic funds raised and great awareness of LLR in the local community, too.


What a great idea we can try that over in Queensland Australia
Good luck with all your fundraising Cheers Dawn

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