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Guest Blog - Running London to Cardiff for LLR - LC24RunDMC

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05 Jul 2013

Hi everyone, I'm Claire Buky-Webster.  I ran the London Marathon this year as part of the Leading LIght campaign, and I wanted to let you know about my next challenge - this time I've put together a posse!

It’s been a funny few months since I ran the London Marathon in April. Whilst still reeling from achieving a personal best I also managed to fall out of love with running. It was no surprise – I saw it coming and I think all runners go through that feeling at some point. There’s something wonderful about working towards a goal and achieving it, but there’s also a sense of loss once it’s over and a big gap in day to day life – “What!?! You mean I don’t have to run 60 miles this week?”

However, I’ve kept running - despite my body’s best intentions to keep me on the sofa - and there’s only one reason for it. London/Cardiff 24.

Last year I had the honour of being part of a team of normal people who decided to raise money for charity by running from Twickenham Stadium in London to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff in 24(ish) hours. I’m pleased to say that we’re doing it again this year, this time for LLR and with full intention to run even quicker than we did last year.

How does it work?

The distance from Twickenham to Cardiff is 160 miles and for the purpose of our challenge the route is split up into lots of different runs of different lengths that we complete relay-style. Runs vary from a nice 3 mile jaunt through a market town in the middle of the day to a 12.5 mile slog across Chilton Downs at 5am. We have a couple of vehicles that ferry people between checkpoints, doubling up as a place to sleep, eat and apply deep heat. We do the first and final mile all together, and the hope is that we’ll do it in less than 24 hours. Fingers crossed!

Who are you people?

Let me introduce our team “Run DMC” (Distant Miles for Cancer - see what we did there!?! ). There are 12 of us, and this year we are doing the challenge “unsupported”, meaning that we do all the driving ourselves and therefore giving our team even more kudos, and even more bragging rights. Here’s a picture of us at the finish line last year. There are a few alterations to last year’s line-up, but we’ve managed to create a strong team to carry us over the Welsh border.

Why in the name of Paula Radcliffe would you choose to do this??

We want to make a difference. Last year one of our team members lost someone very important to them and we had the privilege of using our collective love of running to help raise money for charity in honour of absent loved ones. This year we’re doing it again, this time as part of Dom’s campaign to raise £1 million between the London 2012 Olympics and the Rio 2016 Olympics. Dom’s loss of his friend Steven is a sadly familiar experience for many of us in the team who have been affected directly or indirectly by cancer. With Lymphoma and Leukaemia Research working towards a future that is free from blood cancers the team thought that this cause was important enough to run 160 miles for so that a cancer-free future is not too far away from being a reality.

If you think we’re mad enough, we’d be truly grateful for your donation in support of LLR. You can sponsor us here:

We’ll be blogging and updating Twitter throughout the challenge on the 5th July, so if you are interested in finding out how we get on head over to

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