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Hair today, gone tomorrow?!

Moss J
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02 May 2015

I think this is what you call irony, yesterday a doctor was saying how surprised he was that I had still had this thick head of  hair on day +6. This morning it falls falling out, I noticed first when in the shower, a few long hairs this edit around my fingers after I had washed it. Now every time I touch it a few more appear. Part of me has this urge to run my fingers through it to see how much would come out, part of me is willing it to stay put! Everyone warned me this is a huge emotional/psychological thing  but I wasn't prepared for it, I just kept shrugging it off as just another part of the journey. 

So, any advice? I have always said I'll shave my head as soon as it starts coming out in clumps, get it over with sooner. Was wondering how any other ladies ( or men, sorry shouldn't think it wouldn't affect you too!) death with it .





I must be honest it didn't really bother me as I thought well if that is part of the side effects of the treatment that is going to make me well I can deal with that. Plus I had a really good wig that most people didn't even realise it was a wig. I lost my hair three times be prepared for it to grow back really strange. It was at least a year before I felt my hair was 'normal'


Hi Josie,

I'd definitely shave it all off as soon as possible as waiting for the inevitable and seeing the decline will only add to the understandable maelstrom of emotions that you're currently feeling. Also from a practical point of view it will stop you from having to wake up to find that you've been sleeping in another clump of hair that's fallen out.

I made a big deal of shaving my head, getting my sister to do it, taking photos and raising a bit of money for the charity at the same time. I found it helped me psychologically as it gave me back an element of control. My hair was coming out on my terms, not the leukaemias.

Raising money at the same time also made me feel better - I was turning a negative into a positive.

Being a boy, I think it was easier to come to terms with the results and I found that I actually quite suited being bald. I imagine it'd be a lot harder for a woman. From talking to patients women tend to deal with being bald in different ways. Some full on embrace it and look to take photos and wear it almost as a badge of honour. Others are more understated and like to wear head scarves while others prefer to go for a wig.

What's important is that there is no right response and you must go with whatever you feel most comfortable with. There are some great wigs out there these days and you can use it as an opportunity to try a look that you've never had before.

Stay in touch and remember that we're all here to help in any way that we can.