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Halfway and Halfway through the miles.

Alistair S
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02 Jul 2014

So its been a little while since a wrote one of these. Partly its because I've been busy at work. partly its because I am busy doing my training miles. 

And it is on that note I wish to tell everyone about. Today, the 2nd of july, I have officially completed 26 miles in 1 hour 25 minutes. I would have completed 26 miles in one session on Monday however I had an issue with the bolts of my right foots cleat and where I retightened them they moved into the wrong position leading to my knee becoming sore and at the point of damage. However that is now sorted and so with my continued training on my chosen battleground (Victoria park in bow) I will push for 30 miles by the end of this week or next. 

And I would like to say thank you to everyone who sponsors me for this endeavour and for this necessary and important research group. 




Hi Ali,

Thanks so much for the update. Sounds like you're well on track with the training and glad that you've got the issue with the cleats sorted. Good luck with your upcoming 30 mile ride and all the best with the fundraising! I did my own 20 mile ride last weekend having finally taken the plunge by buying a bike.


Ah quids in. Yeah its going well thank you 

how did your twenty mile go? I find 20 miles a nice length. and you know hitting twenty miles is a lovely morale booster 



Well actually thanks Ali - although I need to get myself a new saddle with a bit more padding as I found the one it came with a little on the harsh side to say the least.

Looking to stretch out towards the 30 mile mark this weekend as there isn't actually that long to go now until the big day. Excited!

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