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Happy February, Unstoppable runners!

Jennifer D
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Jennifer D
15 Feb 2016

Well done to all of you for your impeccable training efforts thus far. It’s been great to see the fundraising start to come in from many of you and I hope that those of you who attended the training day are more galvanised than ever to train and fundraise!

Check out these ideas and hopefully you can incorporate one or two into your target-smashing plan.

1) Pancake Party

Ok, so Shrove Tuesday has just passed, but I’m certain there are those who didn’t get their fill of delicious pancakes, right?! How about serving up some delicious savoury and sweet pancakes at work or at home for a small fee, leaving you with some tasty fundraising?

2) Mother’s Day gifts

This is one for the crafty among you. With Mother’s Day approaching on the 6th March, why not create some cute gifts to be sold to friends, family and colleagues to give to their mothers? It could be anything from trinket boxes or picture frames to homemade bath salts or even mini flower pots, to sell for a small profit to go towards your target. Google ‘Homemade Mother’s Day gifts’ for some inspiration.

3) St Patrick’s Day celebration

There’s loads you can do to commemorate St Paddy’s Day and earn a pretty penny for Bloodwise. Here’re a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Get £1 off each of your colleagues for a dress down day, but a ‘dress green day’! (And you can charge £2 for the not-so-festive to opt out).
  • Set up a ‘Treasure Hunt’ so teams of lucky leprechauns can go to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow. It’ll cost to enter then the winner keeps half the proceeds, the rest going to your Marathon fund.

4) Easter weekend

The upcoming long weekend gives another opportunity to get in some Marathon fundraising, so here’re a couple you could include:

  • Easter Egg Hunt – a family favourite! As we’ve got a long weekend, get the whole family to come over and start hunting, awarding the winner a big Easter egg (perhaps secured from a generous, local seller?) Of course, taking part requires a donation/entry fee.
  • Hot Cross Bun sale – a twist on the work bake sale. This time, make a load of hot cross buns and get everyone feeling festive; you could even get a few colleagues to try their hand at making them to add to a competition, with a small fee to enter!

Hopefully that’s enough to whet your appetite, but do email the Sports Team at if you need any materials or further ideas.

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