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Happy New Year

Kevin Hill
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31 Dec 2014

Happy new year to all LLR supporters and in particular fellow L2P riders.

Bad weather, dark nights and buld up to christmas have meant no riding on the road for a while but I have been putting in some miles on the trainer. It's such an surprise to me at what I'm learning. For the last [to many years] whilst I've been doing local bikeathons I've got the bike out for a couple of rides ahead of the event done the ride then put the bike back in the garage.

Clearly this approach won't work this time. Riding on the road for a bit longer was still ok but not to bad but doing a bit of research showed me how much more to it than simply sitting and pedalling there is. So far I've tinkered with changing the seating position and height and wow  what a difference that made; still not sure it's spot on. Now working on posture, trying to stay still andgetting a rythm, also a big change. I'm also paying more attention to hydration and will have to start looking into neutrition as rides get longer.

My biggest problem at the moment though is comfort. I've tried three saddles so far and just can't find the right one. Playing with position height and angle has improved the situation but I think the next step forward will be a proper pair of shorts, I think the one's Ive bought so far have been to either cheap or not built for long rides as I think the more I wash them the less "protection" they provide. There is such a choice out there and manufacturers claim so much but not sure they're entirley the most tructworthy so does anyone have a suggestion for a decent bit of kit, what make are the ride uniforms perhaps I can try them?

Anyway as I said at the start Happy New year to all and if my maths is right only 259 days to go...........someone please tell me I'm wrong and I've got more time. Hope to meet up with some of you on the various training days and also perhaps some of the local rides, looking to do Vrynwy [my favourite] and Birmingham ahead of September.






Hi Kevin

A very Happy New Year to you too! It sounds like you have definitely notched up the gear (oh, terrible pun!) with your training and it's paying off - well done you! I'm not a cyclist myself but I do run, and I can definitely vouch for the benefits of having the right kit, so keep up the research and asking about, and hopefully you'll find the right kit that provides comfort and capacity. Looking forward to reading more about your training as it progresses, and thank you ever so much for all your support of LLR. 


Happy New Year Kevin!

Sounds like you're taking a really proactive approach towards the training and have given yourself lots of time to get yourself in shape. Getting comfortable on the bike is important given the distances that you'll be covering on the ride so it is worth perservering on the seat front until you find one that works for you.

I'm not much of a cyclist myself but am certain that someone in the London to Paris Facebook group will have some good recommendations when it comes to seats and techniques. We've also got some really good general training tips and advice available on the website:

If you're still looking for some top quality cycling shorts we've got some branded ones available in our online shop and are currently offering 50% off all items so now is definitely the time to get hold of some if you'd like a pair to train in. Here's the link:

I hope this helps and wish you all the best with the remainder of your training.